Our philosophy

Keeping track of the latest trends in our modern design, our goal is to offer high-quality and aesthetic constructions that uniquely enhance your space.

During the construction or renovation of your home, we are next to you to ensure you find the best solutions. Understanding how important it is for you to shape a space that will express, we help you to make the purchase of window and kitchen furnishings a proper and satisfactory investment for you.

When purchasing your products, the woodhouse-arvanitis team provides you with consulting services and technical designs for choosing the most appropriate type, size, placement location depending on site, location and climate.

Always becoming a family business, woodhouse-arvanitis continues its long course. Experienced people with long experience, excellent knowledge and dedication to their subject matter are at the heart of the company. Our team is our main competitive advantage, but also one of the essential factors of our success.

Elegant raw materials and knowledge of wood ensure woodhouse-arvanitis quality.

Niagone, Meranti, and Swedish are the basis for the longevity of the products, without being deprived of the ability to manufacture of equal quality wood products of your choice.

Over the past 10 years, our vaults have been installed in homes by the sea in homes that are hit by the toughest and most adverse weather conditions, and yet the painting of our frames responds and justifies our reputation.

Our dyes are water-soluble. The process of painting the frames begins by injecting and removing all the fungi from the wood. There is a total immersion of the frame from state-of-the-art machines.

Multiple coatings of ecological paints are sprayed onto the surface of the wood.

We consider it important to take care of the exterior surfaces of the frames with a period of care appropriate to the weather conditions prevailing in your area. In this way your frames will radiate the original beauty of wood forever.

The fitting of the frames is performed exclusively by special fitting workshops with excellent know-how. The final finish, the excellent attitude, courtesy and understanding of our crews are what characterizes us.

All the fastening and insulation materials meet the ecological specifications. Beginning carefully remove all dust and mud residues in the marble moss so that the insulating materials have the best adhesion. Apply on the marble with a content of tufted and antimilic ingredients, achieving a thick coating. Place the frame of the frame and push it to remove the insulating material and keep only the required.

With a special spray of soap and water we spray and clean the surface around the wood and marble. We straighten and bend the frame of the frame and fill the perimeters of the frame with a non-moving polyurethane foam material but excellent insulation and bonding. In 20 minutes we remove the overwhelmed polyurethane and screwed around 35 cm with screws - self-drilling screws of lengths of up to 22 cm. In the gap between the frame and the wall we place the perimeter siding (sills) inside and outside the and in this way we conceal the gap we left for the application of polyurethane. Here is a thorough check for the final finish. We reassemble the door to close it to work properly.

Double glazing is a combination of two glasses that are bent by leaving an intermediate gap in the air. With double glazing you can save up to 15% of the cooling or heating costs.

The triple glazed windows are two glazing together with a membrane in the middle. This compound increases impact strength, but even when the impact is strong and breaks the glass It does not collapse because it is retained by the membrane.

The energy glazing is a transparent glass, which is coated with tiny metallic oxides on one side. This coating does not allow heat transfer from the inside of the house to the outside or vice versa.

Work samples

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